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Parks & Festivals

The City of Converse is home to two large parks filled with amenities for citizens to enjoy.

North Park

Located at 8200 Springtown, North Park is convenient to those living and working in the northern part of Converse. North Park boasts football fields, baseball fields, playground equipment, covered pavilion and a butterfly garden. The North Park Lake is stocked annually by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department so citizens can enjoy recreational fishing. A paved road and parking lot lead to the lake. A walking trail was recently completed at North Park, offering citizens a safe and pleasant form of exercise. The walking trail is approximately 1 mile long and goes around the entire park, offering scenic views for those walkers and joggers. Its completion was made possible through funding from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Recreational Trail’s grant program. Converse North Park is recognized by the National Audubon Society as a stopping place for the rare Purple Martin on its migration route.

City Park

Converse City Park is located at 305 School Street and serves as a recreational spot for citizens living in the southern part of Converse. City Park boasts football fields, baseball fields, playground equipment and a covered pavilion. Unique to City Park is the Converse City Pool, open each summer to the public for a low fee. The pool was recently renovated to offer citizens the best possible experience. Local youth organizations take advantage of the ball fields and use them year round for sporting events. Converse City Park is home to an annual festival known throughout the Metrocom region, Night In Ole Converse.

Night In Ole Converse

Night In Ole Converse is an annual festival held the first weekend of October at Converse City Park. Attractions include a parade, live music, carnival, food vendors, marketplace vendors and much much more!
Night In Ole Converse began in 1974 as a fundraiser for the City of Converse Parks & Recreation Commission. Proceeds from the event have helped the City develop the parks into what they are today including plumbing, pavilions and playground equipment. Night In Ole Converse as grown drastically over the years and is currently organized by the Converse Lions Club.